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Tiny.pl is a free service of URLs shortening.
Why shorten Web addresses? Short one can be easily pasted in an e-mail, forum, or while talking on the instant messenger. Tiny urls are legible, if necessary you can write them down or even remember;)

We made this looong URL:

http://maps.google.pl/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=pl&geocode=&q=o k%C4%99cie&sll=52.182142,21.002426&sspn=0.151777,0.308647&ie =UTF8&hq=ok%C4%99cie&hnear=&ll=52.177932,20.962343&spn=0.036 632,0.077162&z=14

Very tiny:

New! Auto-displaying of the target URL!
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